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Multi-sensory offerings for mind-body-spirit fortification by Evan Ifekoya and collaborators


Starts with the question - how should I speak to those who are ready to listen?

Is a narrow band of frequency

Considers what it means to be of service

Makes awareness and presence a commitment

Enables fortification and nourishment

Moves with the intention of lightness and of ease

Explores dreaming and visioning as practices for liberation

Experiments with strategies for economic autonomy and creative sustainability 

Generates income for a community of contributors

The abundant nature of Black led radical creative practice

Asks that you make an investment in yourself

A counterbalance to FEAR (false evidence appearing real)


What tools did our Ancestors leave us to do this work?

We invite you to lean into B L I S S

because B L I S S is your birthright.

Visual Identity by Ijeoma Uzoukwu - Dysect London 

Evan Ifekoya, aka the Oceanic Sage

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Photograph by Kevin Osepa